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Great Resource found by Melanie
from Camp Price in Wisconsin
peoplefinders Genealogy Resources

Really Great Resource found by Veronica's Class at After School Care Programs
National Archives - Resources for Genealogist

Thanks to Cindy and her Brownie Troop, we have added this informative link
History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy

For the month of October 2022, Knox County Maine's library teamed up with the local Historical Society to host a special 'Genealogy Research' workshop and Anita (a media specialist) had some student volunteers assisting her. Here are two research guides that her student Amanda found...

Researching Your Family's History from Ships Passenger Lists

House History and Genealogy

On 27 September 2023, we received an email from Evelyn, a youth services librarian and educator at the Hampton Public Library, who was running a fun beginner's historic research and genealogy class over the last few month. Here is a research guide that Anna, one of the younger members of the group and her mother, found to share on our site. The link has some very good tips for researching your families past.

A Guide to Genealogy and Family History Research

Joshua and Cooper wanted to let all of you know that their Grandmother Nancy is the webmaster for their website and thank all of you that have visited.


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