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Tipper and Meela's Handlers - Nancy Hickman and Pam Tynes
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Ancestors Tip and Tye
and Our 'Cuz' Jack
Biker Ancestors Tip and Tye
Our History is happening.  send us pictures of your "four legged" ancestors...well maybe "two legged!"
We'll start a page for them.

I have been collecting pictures of old Cars, wagons, motorcycles and other modes of human transportation for some time and I have always had an interest in how humans got around. It seemed to always be on my mind...especially with such close ties...although I have never owned one (human, that is!), my collection of human pictures became such that I thought I would share them.

Our Very "Special" Ancestors/Descendents

Thomas Marion Coleman and his dog Toots
Gaba Coleman and her chickens
Buda,Hays,Texas ~ 1946
Buda,Hays,Texas ~ 1958

Lynn Leon Temple somewhere in Europe Spring of 1945. This was the army unit's dog.
William Aubrey & Harriet Tynes
WWII European Theater ~ 1945
Cooper City, Texas ~ 1900

Robert Hutchinson Mitchell and his Pet Goat
Eliza Rushing Walden with daughter Effie Elma, family and Bounce the Dog
Missouri ~ 1930
Lamar County, Alabama ~ 1918

Otis (retired shelter Cat) and Joshua Norton, Austin, Texas abt 2003
Joshua Norton and Jack Xmas 2004, San Diego, California
Austin, Travis, Texas ~ 2003
San Diego, California ~ 2004

Chari, Cooper and Cat that showed up to visit at beach
Joshua and Jack on the Beach
San Diego, California ~ 2006
San Diego, California ~ 2002

Chari and Daisy the Poster Pet
Cuz Terry, Nancy and Rusty her first pet
Lubbock, Texas ~ 1969
Victoria, Texas ~ 1950

Simeon and Sarah Asher, Texas abt 1900
James Arlen, Wm Robert and Morris Lee Hamm, Hays County
Tarpley, Bandera,Texas ~ 1900
Buda, Hays, Texas ~ 1918

Sheriff George Allen, Texas Ranger, Hays County abt 1900
Gilbert Phillips and his dog
Austin,Travis,Texas ~ 1900
Hays County, Texas ~ 1900

Harley Sproles 'Mr. Laid Back' Mena, Arkansas 2009
Floyd Clark (Pied) Evins and Bobo
Mena, Arkansas ~ 2009
Victoria, Texas ~ 1968

Your Ancestor and Pet Could Be Here!
Your Ancestor and Pet Could Be Here!
Future Home of Other Ancestors
Future Home of Other Ancestors

"Grandma's Featherbed"

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